Kayuba goes to Cay Lobos

Saturday 9/6/2003 thru Saturday 9/13/2003

20 Kayuba members boarded the Nekton Rorqual Saturday evening and slept while the boat cruised to Bimini & Cat Cay. After passing customs Sunday morning we started on our way south to Cay Lobos, a tiny island about 11 miles off the coast of Cuba. We went diving about 4 times each day and it was wonderful. We even had a visit from about 30 dolphin, both spotted and bottlenose, who hung around and played with us for over a half hour! No mishaps, lots of fun, lots of diving, good food, good friends and great memories. To see the specific itinerary, check out Nekton's website.

Browse the thumbnail photos below and click on any one to see a larger version. Once you're looking at the larger version, you can choose to page thru all the photos by clicking Next or Previous. Or, you can come back to this page by clicking the Home button. Any questions, you can email Chris. These photos are from Chris Guld and Jimmy Lyon. We didn't have underwater capabilities, but I'm hoping to get some underwater shots from the other participants to post here - or link to their websites. Glenn? Diane?

Capt Nelson in Pilot House

Glenn Maaser

Jim and Jimmy

Nancy and Glenn on sundeck

Rod and Natalie

Dick and Geri Apres Dive

Dive Briefing Rey de Leon

Dive Deck

Donna Apres Dive

Rod and Natalie apres dive

Rod apres dive







Nekton Rorqual

Nekton Rorqual2

Cay Lobos lighthouse

Glenn and Diane

Happy hot tubbers

Jim and Chris at Cay Sal

Alan setting granny line

Cay Lobos Beach

Cuban refugees

Dolphin experience

Dolphin experience2

Hot tubbers Rod Natalie Dan Marci




Yaks on Cay Lobos

Captains Dinner

Geri Hector Dave

Happy couple

Happy Diane

Happy Glenn Martin

Jim in tux

the Commander

Board meeting

Happy Andy

Happy Jim

Chalks seaplane

Cheers Nancy and Glenn

Party in Bimini

the presidential suite
Nekton Pilot
A week of diving

Nancy and Natalie