Odie's Roadies

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Back at Paradise Island
So, here we are back in civilization! It is nice to have a sewer hookup ... you can leave the shower running instead of taking a 'navy' shower where you get wet then turn it off while you soap up, then rinse. But, the flip side is that we miss the quiet and privacy of Donna's back yard. You have neighbors on all sides here. But, that also means you can always find someone to 'happy hour' with too. Last night it was Cliff and Marie - you can read about them on their website: CJ and M

And, here are Edie and Kurt. I know Edie from Women's Executive Club. She told me about their plans to retire and travel in an RV. I introduced her to Paradise Island and, here they are! They wanted to get a taste of what RV parks are like, so they signed on as Staff here in exchange for a place to park their RV. They're going back and forth right now between their house and their RV. Kurt says he's lost 20 pounds on the 'Workamper Weightloss Program!!"

A new Awning!
Yep, we got the new awning installed this week to replace the one that blew away in a windstorm. We had the work done at the same place that installed the tow package - American RV and Marine in Fort Lauderdale, 954-523-3677 (they don't have a website - horrors!) And, wouldn't ya know, it's been windy every day since so we're to scared to even put it out!! Here are a couple photos of the installation:

Now that we're back in our old stomping grounds, we were able to make it to our 7am Toastmasters club. What a great group! We've really missed them. No matter how hard it is to get up and get there, we always have so much fun and share a lot of laughs with people who like to practice Public Speaking. The group is Earlybird Toastmasters and they've been around for 30 years!

I gave a speech this week and won the prize for best speaker! So good to know I haven't forgotten how.

And I had to take a photo of Jim - it's the only time he puts on a tie!! We hope to stop at Toastmasters clubs all around the country as we travel. We can find where they are on the Toastmasters International website.

And a photo of Odie in his favorite place to be while we're on the road - the passenger seat. "Dog is our co-pilot"!
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