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Sunday, March 28, 2004

We went to a baseball game last night! Fort Lauderdale stadium is the winter home of the Baltimore Orioles and they were scheduled to play the Florida Marlins last night. We have attended this game the last couple years at the invitation of our good friends, Chris and Richard. Richard is a true fan and Chris and I get to 'catch up'. It's always a great night. After they got the power back on, and it stopped raining, last night was great too! When we left at 11 pm Marlins were behind 5 to 2. We heard the shouts from the stadium as we walked back to the car ... I see in the news that the final score was 5 to 4.

Now it's Sunday morning and we're off to the beach, hopefully to go Kayak diving with Kayuba dive club. It's been way to windy for quite a while, but it appears to be pretty calm right now. We always check the Webcam at Boca beach so see what the ocean looks like. Still a little choppy.
posted by Chris at 3/28/2004 07:54:00 AM

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