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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Kayuba goes to the Beach
Today was the day for a Kayuba kayak dive and picnic. Whatever the weather, we gather at John Lloyd State Park at 8am. If the weather permits, we go kayak diving. When the divers return, we have a picnic. This ritual is repeated several times/year. Today represented the last club dive of lobster season. It was also considered by some to be the first dive of the 2004 summer diving season. It was a beautiful, sunny day. The wind subsided enough to make the kayaking doable by 10 intrepid members. The rest of us served as judges of their surf entries and exits!

Here's Jim (aka Kayuba Jim) and Dick (aka Commander Kayuba) getting suited up with Odie's help.

Here's Nancy demonstrating why I wimped out and did not get wet.

Kayuba Jim gets a '10' on his surfing re-entry!!

And here are the Judges ... :-)

And, here's Captain Kayuba's (Chuck) catch:

Jim did OK too!

Rick decides to take on a pet:

Now it's time to eat. Here's the Commander making his famous chicken wings:

Odie enjoys a picnic too!

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