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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Facts and Stats
Current Camp: Suwannee Valley Campground, White Springs, Florida
Site Cost per night: $9.50 with Passport America (plus tax)
Travel time: 2.5 hours
Miles: 113
Nights at last camp: 5
Current Weather: Sunny and beautiful, 85 degrees

TV and Radio
We haven't turned on the TV since we left Fort Lauderdale! I think that is so great. Although I never considered myself a TV junkie, I certainly spent my share of time on the couch in front of the 'boob tube'. After a few hours watching silly movies I would often berate myself for the waste of time. In the interest of 'full disclosure' I must also admit that there were times I thought those were the best few hours I had spent in a long time. TV is my 'drug of choice' when I need R & R. I guess I don't need R & R now. And, there's no football so Jim doesn't care! But, it's been long enough and today is Wednesday - West Wing Night. I'm hoping we'll be able to watch that tonight. We just raised the TV antenna - and it doesn't look good. No, we don't have satellite for TV - just for Internet. Jim said he saw a big TV in the campground rec room, maybe we'll go there.

As for radio - in Fort Lauderdale we had one 'habit' - and that was WLRN public radio. We just pressed the remote control's 'on' button as soon as we woke up, and got caught up on all the important news while we lounged in bed. ..... We can't do that now. Sure, we can click on the remote control - but 91.3 on the dial will NOT be WLRN.

Enter the Internet. Since we have an Internet connection at almost all times, we can simply go to WLRN.org and listen, live, to OUR radio station! We turned it on today as soon as we got parked at Suwannee River. We heard the story of how it was raining in south Florida and how the traffic was at a standstill. Here's a photo of where we are!

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