Odie's Roadies

Sunday, April 18, 2004

It's Party Time
Last night was FUN! We started the margaritas about 4. Hey, we don't have to drive anywhere right? Then we got out the lobster dinner. It's a standard meal for us, but we know that it's kinda special for Lynne and John, so, when it's our turn for dinner there's no question what we're having.

One thing that road trips are great for is visiting old friends. I knew that Robert lived around here somewhere so I gave him a call. Sure enough, he lives just a few miles away from where we're staying. When I told him we had a margarita waiting for him, he said he'd be right over!

Were we getting silly?

Then, Jim got out the drive-in theatre equipment! He put the projector on the dinette table and aimed it out the window and set up the screen at the edge of the awning. We talked about using our computer projection equipment to show movies outside but I didn't really think we'd ever do it. Our first night out we get the opportunity! First I made them all watch the video of me in the 'Chicago' dance performance. Then we put on the DVD of 'Pirates of the Carribbean'.

Well, it's Sunday morning now and I think it's about time to go see if there really is a beach here.
posted by Chris at 4/18/2004 08:53:00 AM