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Monday, April 26, 2004

Our First Adventure
Since we got a coupon for 2 night's free stay ... we're still in Ocala National Forest - Salt Springs. I sat at the computer doing Coldfusion stuff all morning, then Jim and I took a hot tub break. Oh! Did I forget to tell you that there is a jacuzzi here? We're in heaven!

Sometime mid-afternoon, while Jim is browsing on the web, he says, "Hey, there's a Fish Hatchery near here!"

Oh Boy! Fish Hatcheries! My Favorite!

Honest, Fish Hatcheries have been among my favorite destinations as far back as I can remember. They are second only to hot springs. I jumped up and said, "Let's Go". A half hour later and 10 miles of a dirt road, we are congratulating ourselves for following directions so well, we had just passed a road with a sign that matched that on our directions. Looking at the directions, I said, "we continue on straight for a while now." We looked up and saw a dead-end into a Lake. Ooops, we must have read some direction wrong. But, wait. Does this look like a loading dock? And, is that a ferry pulling away with a car on it? Sure, enough.

Our very own Lake Cruise. I love surprises. And, what a pretty lake. Actually, after studying the map, I think that was the St. John's river.

A while later, we made it to the Fish Hatchery only to find that they close at 3:30. Darn! Well, it's the photo that counts right?

By the time we got back 'home', we were pretty hungry. Jim grilled up some wonderful hamburgers. All that was missing was a campfire and some marshmallows. Who says this isn't camping?

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