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Monday, May 17, 2004

Family and Friends
We had a nice relaxed morning yesterday. Ate lunch. Then, as I had just settled down to the computer, Jim decided to make a few calls to friends and family in the area. Jim grew up here. Well, actually, he never did grow up :-), but he lived here from '63 to '85 and he has several generations of family here. The first call he made, he was able to speak to his cousin Jennifer. She said, "I'm just walking out the door to go to my sister's birthday party. Why don't you come?" That was just too perfect. To have several cousins and more friends all together in one place. We had a great time! Really wonderful people.

Here's Jim with cousin Janet - the birthday girl.

Here's the place where they had the party. Another gorgeous day.

Four cousins and an aunt! From left to right: Joan, Judy, Jim, Janet, Jennifer. Sitting down: Aunt Mildred

Did you notice the love affair with the letter 'J'? But wait, it gets better ... Janet's 2 brothers weren't there ... Jim and Jackie. Jim's father, Jim Sr., had 7 siblings: John, Judy, Julie, Joe, Joan, Jerry and Joel!

Here's some of the next generation. Jennifer, Rick and their daughters. Jim takes some credit for this as he was the one to introduce Jennifer and Rick so many years ago.

Janet with her granddaughter:

I'm not sure how he's related, but here's Ron, who taught Jim Sr. everything he knows about cars:

A wonderful time was had by all:

And we finished the day with a beautiful sunset at Jimmy's Bayside RV Resort:

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