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Saturday, May 15, 2004

New Jersey
Yesterday was an easy day of travel. We crossed over the Delaware bridge. It was really foggy. Jim said that was quite normal.

Then it was a straight shot over to the shore. Y'know I've always wondered why it's 'the shore' here in New Jersey and 'the coast' in California. hmmm

We're parked in Jimmy's ample driveway, with a great view of the Bay. If we want to see the ocean, we only need to walk a couple blocks. Take a look at the map:

Not bad huh? I guess we'll stay here for a while!

Hey! If you don't hear from me tomorrow, call out the search party - Jimmy's taking us kayaking in the Pine Barrens today, and he says there is always a danger of being taken by the 'Jersey Devil'?!?!?

Here's Jim and Jimmy debating on whether we have enough kayaks:

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