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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Playing Tourist
Yesterday, we got our exercise walking around Milledgeville - the original state capitol of Georgia and part of the antebellum trail. We stopped at the tourist info center and picked up the brochure which laid out a walking tour. Here's Jim studying that brochure to see which way we go next. He's standing at the entranceway to the old Capitol Building, now being used to house the Military College:

Milledgeville is also home to the Georgia State College and University. There's a certain air to college towns that remind me of my college years in Tallahassee. I watch the students walking around campus and think, 'gee, I'll bet they're having fun!'. Ahhh, to be in college again.

Here's a typical antebellum house:

Then we went on to Eatonton, the birthplace of authors Alice Walker (The Color Purple) and Joel Chandler Harris (Uncle Remus stories). I just had to visit the Uncle Remus museum:

And, when we got 'home', we got together with the manager of the park and showed him his new website. Hey Mikey! He liked it!! He even said he had another name to give us of someone else who would be interested. Cool.
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