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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

What day is it?
We need one of those clocks like Cliff and Marie have. It has no hours on it, and no minute hand. Just one hand that points to the day of the week. I have to look at the calendar on the computer to figure it out.

Here's the park we are in at the moment, Ocean Waves. It would be perfect for Wi-Fi, but since they're not even using a computer in the office, it's doubtful they'll take us up on it!

We're right on the beach once again, but there are beach houses here. Doesn't seem like a smart place to live to me - very susceptible to hurricanes wiping you out. We see a lot of construction repairing the damage from last year's storms.

The dunes aren't only sand:

Well, gotta unhook and secure stuff for getting underway. We will be visiting Kitty Hawk and the Wright Brothers 'First Flight' memorial today. Oh Boy!

Facts and Stats:
Current Park: Ocean Waves; Waves, NC; 252-987-2556
Site cost per night: $27
Nights at last camp: 2
Travel time: 5.5 hours (included lighthouse visit)
Miles: 50
Weather: Sunny, clear and beautiful - 80 degrees
posted by Chris at 5/12/2004 08:40:00 AM

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