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Friday, May 14, 2004

You slept better than we did!
Yesterday was a long travel day - over 8 hours - and we're within a couple hours of our destination today, so we decided to save the cost of a campground and spend the night at a truck stop. Geeeeeez, are they noisy! And, we didn't want to leave the generator running all night, so we didn't have air conditioning. Hot and stuffy. At about 1am I got up and turned the generator on so we could cool down. About 2 hours later we're awakened by the beeping of the carbon monoxide indicator.


Here's our 'campsite'

Jim and George
Even tho we traveled all day yesterday we still didn't get that far because we took the scenic route. Virgina and Maryland ARE really scenic! Lots of water and lots of bridges and lots of beautiful forest and rolling farmlands and barns. Jim was born in Solomons Island, MD and he wanted to see the place since we were so close. There was no bridge back then, so his Mom had to take a boat to get to the hospital at Patuxent Naval Air Station when she was ready to give birth. Here's a view of Solomons from the bridge:

We were also too close to George Washington's birthplace to pass that up. Beautiful place:

And, here's one of those bridges I mentioned. I think this is the Francis Scott Key bridge

Here's the view from another bridge:

And, here's me driving over yet another bridge. Notice the white knuckles?!?

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