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Sunday, June 27, 2004

"Odie, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore ..."

Actually, you couldn't prove it from the scenery! Kansas was endless wheatfields and endless cornfields. Nebraska is endless cornfields and endless wheatfields:

Here's Odie in his favorite spot - the passenger seat - when I'm somewhere else. 'Dog is our copilot'

We're so excited to be traveling West now. Mountains aren't too far away! We made it as far as Highway 80 a ways west of Lincoln, Nebraska. Here, I was able to get a closer photo of the cornfields.

and a tractor:

and an antique wagon:

Have I mentioned how sociable RV Parks can be? When we pulled into this one, we noticed another motorhome with a Datastorm dish. We just had to go knock on his door and say hi. Turns out he's from Miami and he travels the country going to Harley Davidson events. If you look at the Datastorm map right now (cuz it'll change tomorrow) you'll see that our number (787) is on top of his number (446). But if you click on Detail view down at the bottom by the numbers, you can see that we're right next to each other.

Then, walking back to our motorhome and passing by the office, we got to talking to the park owners and their new puppy! Come to find out he's a scuba diver from his navy days and he told us about diving in a cave in Midway. Then he asked "Do you like wine" .. uh, "is the Pope a Catholic?" I think is the correct response! He said "we just made some Pinot Noir, would you like a bottle?" Wow! It was DELICIOUS! And pretty too.

It's all gone now. g'night!

Facts and Stats:
Current Park: Prairie Oasis, Henderson, Nebraska
Site cost per night: $12 (w Passport America)
Nights at last camp: 2
Travel time: 4 hours
Miles: 224
Weather: Gorgeous, blue skies 70 degrees
Last Gas Price: $1.779
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