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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bagdad Cafe, Laughlin and Joline

There's so much to tell you about when we're travelin'. And less time to do it! In the last post I told you that we had found the 'middle of nowhere'.

I was wrong.

Here it is.

US40 in eastern California goes for over 100 miles without so much as a gas station. And, we didn't plan for this of course. We thought we were going to be limping into Needles on fumes, then a gas station appeared out of nowhere . But, we had to pay $3.65/gallon. Luckily they only took cash, so we could only get $25 worth ... that's less than 7 gallons! Just over the Arizona border, it went down to $2.25/gallon.

We had breakfast at the world famous Bagdad Cafe. No, really ... it IS world famous. I saw the movie, probably 20 years ago and loved it, but it is a cult classic in Europe and Asia. People do come from all over the world to see this broken down dive of a cafe on route 66 in the Mojave desert. The owner spends more time taking customer's pictures than taking food orders. You feel like you're entering a time-warp when you walk thru the door. Two separate parties of customers from Japan visited while we were there. If you saw the movie you know, it's all about *magic* ... and it is.

Our destination was Laughlin, Nevada, to meet up with our friend Joline.

Look at this town:

It didn't exist when I lived in Nevada in 1980. The bridge was built in 1987 and 8 new hotel/casinos were added to the one that was already there. People do love to gamble.

Joline was here to see the UFO conference. Joline was the first person I ever met who had a Datastorm 2-way Internet dish on her RV. She met my mom years ago at another conference, and the 3 of us went together - in Joline's RV - to the Prophet's conference in the Florida keys in January '03. Actually, I think that's where our plan to live in a motorhome was hatched. The dream had existed for quite some time, but the idea that it could be reality took hold then. The message I got at that conference was that, not only is it OK to follow your dreams, it is each individual's responsibility to follow their dreams. That's what we're here for. Do it! It's your job. Thanx Joline and Mom!

Joline wanted Jim to check out something on her Datastorm while we were there. It checked out fine, so we had plenty of time to visit and enjoy a buffet at the casino. There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but this was pretty close. $9.99 and a one-time $2 off, for all you can eat AND drink, including wine!

We just spent the one night there and said goodbye to Joline in the morning.

Parked just across the street from us, we saw a very unusual site. Another Safari class C. We've only seen one other, and it had a different paint job. This one looked exactly like ours except it was shorter.

Check it out. We spent quite a while talking to the owners, and they love theirs as much as we do.

Theirs is 24 feet and ours is 30. The difference is that ours has a dedicated bedroom, where they need to sleep in the cab over. But, theirs actually has more kitchen counter space and a bigger bathroom and closets.

They don't live in theirs full-time like we do. They have several acres and a house in Washington state. They are spending a month in their motorhome, and starting to miss their house already.

We're off to Sedona today!
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