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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thousand Trails - Peace River

Since we bought a Thousand Trails membership, the first thing we do in planning our route is to look for Thousand Trails parks. So, our first stop is Peace River, about a 3 hour drive from Marie's.

While we were checking in, we noticed that they were using Digital Rez' reservation software, and Jim mentioned that he'd been working on that for the past couple months in Paradise Island. He was offered a job on the spot! hmmmm, not interested ... yet. The Peace River is one of my favorite spots in Florida - we've done a lot of canoe trips, 2 and 3 day, here. I could think of a lot worse fates than spending the winter season here.

This is a nice place and it's completely deserted. It's no wonder in the 100+ degree heat. This is the first time we've had to depend on our satellite dish in a while. We really got spoiled with the fast Coach Connect Wi-Fi at Paradise, but our dish locked on within 10 minutes and is working like a champ. It's a good thing, because I promised to have a web page done no later than this morning. I worked till late last night in hopes to get it done so we can do a little paddle this morning. Here's our backyard:

And, with nobody here - we could let Odie run free, especially back on the nature trail.

but ...


maybe not ...

Well, we had a nice walk anyway, but we definitely kept him on a leash. It would be just like him to hear a rustling in the bushes and go stick his nose in - I sure wouldn't want him to find a poisonous snake that way. It's a pretty nature trail.

Ok, gotta get back to work on that web page.
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